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About Hopscotch Childcare & Preschool, Otorohanga

Hopscotch Childcare and Hopscotch Preschool are two privately owned centres in the rural town of Otorohanga.  They’re managed by the owner and Licensee, Charlotte Clapcott.  Both Centres are open from 8am to 5.15pm.

Our centres are family-based with strong ties to the community. Our children are able to experience many out of centre activities such as: We take regular walking trips to the park, Kiwi House, library and Beattie Rest Home.  Our local fire station and ambulance officers visit us at the centre.  We get to watch the College school performance and Kapa Haka groups.  In the summer, our Preschool children visit the local swimming pools every week to have fun and gain some water confidence.  We visit the local primary school for their annual pet day.  Every year we go on a bus trip to the theatre in Hamilton where we watch a production designed for preschool children.

We have a great outside space with lots of challenges, a huge sandpit and a vegetable garden for the children to grow plants and flowers. Our inside areas are open plan with high ceilings.  Resources are constantly being upgraded and improved to ensure the children  are interested, stimulated and creative in their play.

We like to provide a calm, consistent yet adaptable environment where all children can have fun, gain independence, confidence and respect, and have the opportunity to express individuality.

Teachers have regular planning meetings to discuss the curriculum and current focuses, which are based around the children’s strengths and interests.

Our latest ERO reports are available on the Education Review Office website – see the link below.


Hopscotch Childcare is purpose-built and opened in February 2005.  It’s licensed for 35 children, including 12 under the age of two.

The childcare centre is split into two areas:  Infants and Toddlers.

Infants are aged from 3 months to approximately 18 months.  We have two teachers in this area.  A Support Teacher works part-time every day to cover breaks and time off the floor to prepare children’s profiles.  We try to have no more than six children in this age group.  However, if the numbers increase, we recruit additional staff as we like to keep the staff to child ratio at 1:3.


Toddlers are aged from 18 months to around 3½ years.  We have four permanent full-time staff in this area.  An additional Support Person covers their breaks and time off the floor to prepare the children’s profiles.

Morning and afternoon tea and a late snack are provided by the centre.  Parents are required to bring a lunchbox and water drink bottle for their children.  The children have a short mat-time three times a day, before meals.  All meals are eaten together at a table (or highchair).

Children are given free choice as to the activities they would like to be involved in throughout the day.


The Preschool is a fully refurbished ex-church hall and opened in May 2008.  It’s licensed for 30 children over the age of three.  Children generally transition to the Preschool between the age of 3 years 5 months and 3 years 8 months.

Most children at the Preschool attend at least three days a week.  However, this is a personal choice and not a requirement.

The Preschool provides morning and afternoon teas as well as a late snack.  Parents will be required to bring a lunchbox for their child each day.

All our full-time teachers at the Preschool are fully qualified. We also employ a full-time office manager.

The Preschool focuses strongly on preparing the children for school.  This involves individual plans, time for literacy and numeracy activities and emphasis on becoming independent.

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