3 months to 3 ½ years
3 ½ to 5 years


Age 3.5 years to 6 years

Philosophy – Hopscotch Preschool, Otorohanga

 We strive to nurture learning

At Hopscotch Preschool we strive to nurture and develop children’s learning habits. These positive attitudes and approaches are essential to foster confident and competent children.  This happens when children are provided with the opportunity to persist with difficulties, express an idea or feeling, take responsibility, take an interest and be involved.

We use role modelling and positive guidance

Children are able to develop their working theories about being part of a group, whilst learning social dynamics in a safe and secure environment. We use role modelling and positive guidance to give the children opportunities to experiment and form appropriate social skills.

We develop meaningful relationships

As teachers we aim to engage in meaningful interactions and relationships with all children, families and whānau.  We do this by being available and approachable on a daily basis, entering into authentic and genuine communication.

We value the wider community

We recognise parents as a child’s first teacher and welcome their contributions and involvement at Hopscotch.  We endeavour to make connecting links with the wider community through excursions and in-centre experiences.

We provide a challenging environment

We provide children with many and varied opportunities to engage in a safe and challenging environment that caters to children’s individual strengths and interests. It is also important to us that our environment remains aesthetically pleasing and that its care and maintenance remain the responsibility of both teachers and children. The Tikanga associated with Papatuanuku is an integral component of our environmental ethos.

We celebrate our unique cultures

We recognise that all children and families come to us with unique cultures, beliefs and aspirations. Maori children will enjoy educational success as Maori and all children will be given opportunities and skills for their immediate and life-long benefit. We will respect and nurture these unique aspects and develop them within the framework of our curriculum and in the spirit of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.